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The Denver Post reports on the issue of choosing a nursing home for your elder loved ones, a decision that more and more people are faced with, at least on a temporary basis. They suggest several different ways to be sure that you pick a good, healthy facility, and that once there, your family members are treated appropriately. They focus on six major suggestions to help get the best care possible, but the most important may be their very first one: Choose a facility near you, where making frequent visits at different times of day will be easy for you.

Are you concerned that your elder loved one may not be getting the quality of care that he or she needs in a nursing home? Speak with an experienced, compassionate Colorado nursing home neglect attorney today.

Of course, the unfortunate aspect is that real life experience tells us that some facilities look good to visitors but don’t turn out well for residents. Visit your elder loved one often, and at varying times of day. Not only is your family member likely to appreciate feeling loved and remembered, but if any of the things that made the facility look good to you in the first place were illusions for visitors, you are more likely to figure that out by visiting at various times of day. The staff should have nor problem with you visiting anytime from early morning until l well into the evening.

If you do come to realize that the facility is not caring for you elder loved one appropriately, don’t be afraid to take action. You may not know what action to take; speak with a dedicated Colorado nursing home neglect attorney to discuss your options. Colorado nursing home neglect attorney Rhett Meyer has helped countless Coloradans protect the well-being of their older loved ones; he can point you to the resources to look into possible elder neglect at your facility, and advise you on whether legal action is needed. In many cases, you simply need some advise. Rhett can be there for you and your family. For more information and a FREE CASE EVALUATION, contact Rhett today at (303)444-1618.

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