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Vail Elder Abuse Lawyer Rhett MeyerAccording to the Boulder Daily Camera, a woman is going to stand trial for attempted theft after charges that she befriended a retired CU professor, in an effort to have him remember her in his will. Louis Hall, who passed away in 2011 at the age of 93, wanted to stay in his home, and was very concerned that his family might try to place him in a nursing home. When Julianna Rigby moved into his home, several people began to become concerned about the nature of the relationship, including neighbors, an elder law attorney that he worked with, his doctor and a conservator that had been appointed to help him with his finances. In time, Ms. Rigby apparently convinced Mr. Hall that his family would try to sell his house and put him in a home, a claim that is denied by his family. In time, the man did in fact change his will, leaving the bulk of his estate first to charity, then later changing it again leaving it to Ms. Rigby. Previously, the bulk of his estate had been set to be left to his niece in California.

Are you concerned about the possibility of financial exploitation of an elder family member by an at-home caregiver? Speak with an experienced Colorado elder law attorney as soon as possible to protect your loved one.

Certainly, it is an extremely common occurrence for elder family members to need some form of in-home care as they age. Many people become physically, emotionally, or medically unable to live alone, and in many cases, in-home care is a great way to allow the person some measure of independence. However, it is a sad fact of life that sometimes, those in-home caregivers are dishonest, and try to take advantage of their position to commit financial abuse, such as convincing someone in a fragile state of mind to change a will.

If you believe that an in-home caregiver is taking advantage of your elder loved one for his or her own financial gain, contact an experienced Colorado elder law attorney immediately. Rhett Meyer has helped numerous families to protect the rights and dignity of their elder family members. As a dedicated Colorado elder law attorney, he can help you to understand your rights, as well as to take advantage of various services that exist to help your loved one. Whether you need advice, intervention, or to take legal action, contact Rhett at the Meyer Law Firm at (303)444-1618 today for more information and a FREE CONSULTATION.

Story Update (4 June, 2012):

The trial of Ms. Rigby has resulted in a hung jury.  Boulder County prosecutors plan to try the case again, and will have a status hearing on June 8.


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