Medication Mistakes

One of the most important functions of a nursing home is the day-to-day medical care of its residents.  When you place your elder family member in a nursing home, you are placing your trust in the medical staff of the facility to ensure that day-to-day healthcare needs are met, including proper medication as prescribed by a physician.  This is a vital function as many elderly people are unable to read the small writing on medication bottles, may have motor skills issues that would prevent them from opening the bottles, and may have cognitive issues that would cause them either to forget to take their medicine or to forget that they already took it and take it again, over-medicating themselves.
Unfortunately, nursing homes have been known to make mistakes with medication.  This is a very serious issue, because obviously giving either the wrong medication or the wrong dose, or neglecting to provide needed medication can present very serious problems.  If a nursing home has made a medication mistake that has caused harm to your elder loved one, you should speak to a Colorado Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer today.
There are many resources available to help you protect your elder loved ones if their medical needs are being neglected by their nursing home.  As with any service, the best resource is a person who can direct you to the resources your need.  Rhett Meyer is a Colorado Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer with offices in Boulder and Vail who is available to help people across Colorado protect their elder family members.  Rhett can connect you to state agencies, non-profit organizations and other resources to protect those who need it most, and thoroughly understands the legal system as it applies to Elder Abuse in the event that legal action becomes necessary.  For more information and a free consultation, give Rhett a call at (303)444-1618.