While we all hope that our loved ones will grow old peacefully, and be able to care for themselves and live independently, we also know that this is not always realistic.  As people grow old, there are any number of issues that may prevent them from being able to live independently.  In some cases, the reasons may be physical; people are unable to get around, or cook for or feed themselves, or do the chores involved in keeping the home sanitary.  In some cases, the reasons may be mental; memory problems cause people to get confused about everyday tasks, or forget to pay bills, or pay wrong amounts.  These are all issues that, to some degree, cause an elderly person to need some form of supervision.  A problem that many elderly people have, whether their difficulties are physical in nature or mental, is choking.
When you place your elder loved one in a nursing home, one of the  important services that your family receives is not only cooking and maintaining the nutritional value of meals, but supervision of the dining room.   As the nursing home staff plans meals, one consideration that they need to take is the safety of foods; food that is going to be difficult for residents to eat should be avoided.  Furthermore, a nursing home should have adequate dining room staff not only to serve meals to residents, but to assist those who have trouble feeding themselves, and to provide first aid in case a resident should choke on his or her food.
If you believe that the dining room at the nursing home where your elder loved one lives is not a safe environment, and that your loved one has choked because of it, don’t just hope that it will be okay.  The facility should be able to provide enough staff to prevent choking or other injuries.  If you are not sure what to do, contact Colorado Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Rhett Meyer at the Meyer Law Firm.  Rhett thoroughly understands the role and responsibilities of nursing homes and elder caregivers.  He can give you advice, and point you to the resources you need to protect the health and safety of your elder loved ones.  The people who cared for you when you were too young to care for yourself deserve the best care you can give as they enter their twilight years.  Rhett can help.  For more information and a free consultation contact Rhett at (303)444-1618.
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