Guardianships & Conservatorships

Elder Guardianships & ConservatorshipsA Guardianship looks after the personal needs and a conservatorship looks after the financial affairs. 
  •  We represent those applying for the                    guardianships/conservatorships, the Petitioner.
  • We also defend those for whom protection is sought, the Respondent.
  • We defend and litigate all aspects in these complex family matters, and all family members.
  • We defend and litigate on behalf of fiduciaries—those entrusted with finances or care.
  • We bring actions against fiduciaries and others trying to take advantage of your loved ones.
As people get older, the time sometimes comes when they are no longer able to care for themselves.  If you have an elder loved one who has reached this stage, you may need to appoint a legal guardian for this person.  Much like a child with a guardian other than his or her parents, a guardian for an elderly person is responsible for caring for the person’s physical, medical and emotional needs.  In many cases, the person who makes the most sense as a guardian to an elder is one of that elder’s adult children.  Unfortunately, guardianship for the elderly sometimes becomes the source of arguments and even bitter disputes among families.  In many cases, these disputes stem from the fact that the guardian is responsible not only for the welfare of the elder, but for his or her finances as well.
Unfortunately, we can probably all think of a relationship of some kind between people we know that was ruined because of jealousy or anger over money.  In some cases, when one child is appointed to guardianship, another child may believe that the guardian is mishandling the parent’s money, or even that the guardian is stealing from the parent.  This suspicion may even be accurate.  It is a sad fact that some people have stolen or otherwise exploited the finances of elders for whom they act as guardian.
In any case, guardianship over an elder who lacks the capacity to care for him or herself has been known to cause very bitter and unfortunate disputes among family members.  If you are involved in such a dispute, whether you are the guardian, or another family member who suspects the guardian of abuse or financial exploitation, speak with a Colorado guardianship attorney today to discuss your options.  Rhett Meyer is an experienced trial attorney who works in estate planning and litigation, will and trust contests, and contested guardianships.  Rhett can explain your rights, as well as the expectations of the guardian under the law, and represent your interests in court if that should become necessary.  For more information and a free consultation, call Rhett at The Meyer Law Firm at (303)444-1618.
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