In-Home Care

For many people, the time will come as they reach their twilight years when they are unable to live independently and care for themselves.  Fortunately, in many cases, elders are able to live happy, comfortable, safe lives with an in-home caregiver.  An in-home caregiver is someone who lives with the elder, or comes to the elder’s home, providing those things for the person that he or she has become unable to provide independently.  This person may be a professional caregiver, or a family member who can provide the care that the elder needs.  In many cases, in-home care is preferable to placement in a nursing home because the elder is able to retain a greater degree of independence, which can have a significant effect on their emotional health.
As the people who cared for you in your childhood reach the years when they are unable to care for themselves, difficult decisions seem to be around every corner.  It is generally preferable to allow your elder loved ones the least restrictive environment, which means the environment in which they will be able to live as closely as possible to the way that they did when they were able to care for themselves.  But it is also important to ensure that the caregiver in that environment is fulfilling his or her obligation to your family.
Sadly, it is a fact of life that not every caregiver will care for your elder loved one in the personal, attentive manner that he or she deserves.  Elder abuse at the hands of in-home caregivers happens, and when it does it can be difficult to detect.  When you hire a caregiver to provide for your elder loved one, you should take some time to learn about the warning signs of neglect and abuse.  No one wants to believe that their family member will be mistreated, particularly if the caregiver in your case is another family member, but it does happen.  An experienced Colorado elder abuse attorney can direct you to some resources that you can use to work with your loved one’s caregiver, to recognize signs of abuse, and to report suspicions that you may have.
If your elder loved one has been abused by his or her in-home caregiver, get help as soon as possible.  Colorado elder abuse attorney Rhett Meyer is familiar with the resources available to get help in restoring the dignity and respect that our loved ones deserve.  Rhett can point you to resources that are appropriate to your situation, and if necessary, he understands the justice system as it relates to elder abuse.  For more information and a free consultation, contact Rhett at (303)444-1618.
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