Elder Abuse and Personal Injury

At The Meyer Elder Law Firm, we provide injured clients with strong legal representation, working to maximize the compensation they receive. We provide personal injury services for:
  • Nursing Home and Assisted Living Litigation
  • Neglect
  • Personal Injury Cases arising from those situations:
    • Bedsores, Falls, Choking, etc.
    • Wrongful Death
If you believe that your elder loved one is being abused or neglected by his or her caretaker, speak with an experienced Colorado Elder Abuse Attorney to discuss your options. At the Meyer Elder Law Firm, we can help you with the resources you need to report your suspicions, in addition to providing legal advice and support. Rhett has helped numerous families who have been touched by elder abuse, and knows how to work with the system while also maintaining the compassion that your family needs to restore dignity and respect. If you or a loved one has been in an accident resulting in an injury, contact us for a free consultation.
If your need is in other areas, we also provide services related to Litigation, Accident Litigation, Personal Litigation, Wrongful Injury or death, Negligent injury or death, Will Trust Guardianship Dispute Controversy, Trustee Estate Probate Family Fights/disagreements, Colorado Estate Trust Litigation, defending Trustee, Guardian Conservator, Will and Trust Advocacy, Contested Guardianship and Conservatorship matters, Complex Probate Cases, Senior Law, Family Dispute Fights, or disagreement, give us a call for a free consultation by Rhett at (303) 444-1618.
We also Service Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Ft. Collins, the Denver Metro Area, and the entire Front range. Give us a call for a free consultation bwithRhett at (303) 444-1618.
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