Probate is a process through which the property of a decedent, a person who has died, is disposed.  When the decedent has a will, that may simplify the process, but the estate must still go through probate.  In Colorado, probate is handled by Probate Court, where a personal representative appointed by the court or the will stands in place of a person, the decedent in this case, who cannot speak for him or herself.  If there is a clear and valid will with no contest, the probate process can be as simple as the probate judge approving the will and the transfer of assets to the heirs.  If, however, a will is contested, the probate process can become more complicated, and much more time-consuming.
While an attorney is not required for the probate process, many people choose to hire a probate lawyer in order to make use of the knowledge and experience of someone who is familiar with the system.  A dedicated Colorado probate lawyer can help you understand the process; from the simple process of a judge approving an uncontested will or trust to the complicated, lengthy, and possibly expensive processes that can become involved when a will or trust is contested or invalidated.
After a will is validated, the probate process oversees the execution of the will, from paying the decedent’s debts to disbursing gifts named in the will, to filing a report with the court to show that all assets were distributed appropriately.  Each step requires great care in record-keeping and attention to detail, as well as an understanding of the process as a whole.  Rhett Meyer is a Colorado probate lawyer who has many years of experience working with the probate court to execute wills and trusts on behalf families who have lost loved ones.  With a background that includes tax law, Rhett knows every step of the process, and will be able to assist with any rough patches that might arise during the probate process.  His experience, dedication and compassion for your situation will help relieve some of the stress of a difficult time in your life.  For more information and a free consultation, call Rhett at the Meyer Law Firm at (303)444-1618.
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