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The Meyer Elder Law Firm is dedicated to litigation in the area of probate, including will contests and contested guardianship and conservatorships.   The Meyer Elder Law Firm’s dedication to improving the care of vulnerable at-risk adults and elders in abuse and neglect cases has established the Firm as a leader in holding nursing homes and caregivers accountable for negligent treatment and preventable harm. The Meyer Elder Law Firm is an aggressive advocate for the rights of elders. The Firm has a history of obtaining favorable results for our clients.  The Meyer Elder Law Firm seeks to fully compensate our elders who have been abused and pledges to provide the best representation it can and secure the most favorable outcome for your loved one.
The Meyer Elder rLaw Firm represents clients in the Denver/Boulder/Longmont. Ft. Collins the Front Range, and metropolitan area, and throughout the state of Colorado in a wide array of elder abuse and neglect matters, including physical abuse, choking, medication mistakes, in-home caregiver negligence, bed sores and wrongful death.
We also provide services related to Litigation, Accident Litigation, Personal Litigation, Wrongful Injury or death, Negligent injury or death, Will Trust Guardianship Dispute Controversy, Trustee Estate Probate Family Fights/disagreements, Colorado Estate Trust Litigation, defending Trustee, Guardian Conservator, Will and Trust Advocacy, Contested Guardianship and Conservatorship matters, Complex Probate Cases, Senior Law, Family Dispute Fights, or disagreement; so, give us a call for a free consultation with Rhett at (303) 444-1618.
Elders are among the most vulnerable members of our society. Elder abuse and neglect matters often require an attorney with experience in handling these traumatic and complex cases. Our goal is to improve the overall care of our elder citizens and hold those accountable who abuse and neglect our loved ones.  To ensure that every client receives the personal attention they deserve, our firm is very selective in the cases we accept. Every case we do accept is unique and important to us. The attorneys and staff at the Meyer Law Firm are dedicated to holding those responsible for elder abuse and neglect accountable and further, pledge to provide you with the best representation possible. We will meet with you to explain all your options, and keep in contact with you to update you on the progress of your case. Through meticulous and thorough preparation of your case, we are often able to settle a case through mediation, arbitration or other alternative dispute methods. By obtaining a fair early settlement,  we are able to save the client the time and stress of a trial.  However, if necessary, we are ready, willing and able to take a case to trial. Our attorneys are well prepared and fully aware of the newest laws in order to maximize the award in your case.
The attorneys at The Meyer Elder Law Firm are dedicated to the community as well as our clients, especially in the area elder abuse and neglect. We work with local community sponsors in advocating for the rights of elders.  We are a member of the Boulder County Elder Justice Coalition, fighting for elder rights. We have the experience and knowledge to provide high-quality services to our clients. The Meyer Elder Law Firm puts our clients’ needs first; and when necessary, we utilize a large network of professional resources to further extend our services. We frequently work with other attorneys, certified public accountants, tax experts and engineers to add credibility to clients’ cases.
The Meyer Elder Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring that the legal system serves the needs of our clients. If you believe a loved one needs legal protection contact the Meyer Elder Law Firm for a free consultation, 303-444-1618 or use are contact form.