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The Des Moines Register reports that the administrator of a nursing home in rural Iowa faces state sanctions from the Iowa Board of Nursing Home Administrators for failing to take appropriate steps to prevent a resident at the facility from sexually assaulting fellow residents. Over the course of several months in 2008, a resident of the facility was accused by several other residents of sexual assault, mostly apparently in the form of inappropriate touching. The Iowa Board of Nursing Home Administrators believes that Mr. Worcester, whose father owns the facility, did not do enough, after the first report, to prevent subsequent incidents. In the years since these incidents, the facility has been cited by the state for various violations including unsanitary conditions, quality of care, and improper use of physical restraints.

Has your elder loved one been abused in a nursing home?  Speak with a compassionate Denver nursing home abuse attorney immediately to discuss your options.

When you place your elderly loved ones in a nursing home, you are entrusting a great deal to the management of the facility. You are trusting that staff will look after the health of your family member, from simple everyday needs like food, bathing and laundry to medical care and even ensuring that interactions between residents are safe and healthy. In most cases, nursing home staff make every effort to provide for their residents the best that they can, but unfortunately, there are some cases in which nursing homes seem not to be concerned with the well-being of their residents.

If you have an elderly loved one whose level of care in a nursing home has become a cause for concern, it can be very difficult to know what to do. You want the best care for your family members, but it’s hard to know when something isn’t right. A dedicated Denver nursing home abuse attorney can help you understand your family’s rights, and provide resources for looking into the care of your loved one, including issues of safety and hygiene. Rhett Meyer is a compassionate Denver nursing home abuse attorney who has helped many families in Colorado to ensure the health and safety of their elder loved ones. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact Rhett today at (303)444-1618.

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