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Nursing Home FAQs

Q: I placed my mother in a nursing home in Boulder and upon visiting her one day, I discovered moldy food in her room and that she had not been bathed since I had last been to see her. I suspect the nursing home is neglecting the proper care they promised me and my mother. What legal action can I take to see that this doesn’t happen again?

A: When you place a loved one in a nursing home you are also placing your trust in its ability to care for that person in the most personal manner. The nursing home has legal obligations to the care and welfare of your loved one and if this confidence is in question then you may have a legal right to compensation. Contact an experienced Boulder nursing home abuse attorney to discuss your case and legal options.

Q: I found out the nursing home I have my father in is forging his signature and writing checks to the facility. What legal options do we have to protect my fathers finances?

A: Taking advantage of the elderly is a shocking abuse, and unfortunately happens more often than one might think. Illegally handling one’s wages or funds is a serious crime and should be reported. Contact a professional Boulder nursing home abuse attorney to further discuss your legal options.

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