New Law Aimed to Reduce Elder Financial Abuse | Boulder Elder Abuse Attorney

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According to The Gazette, Colorado Senate Bill 10-042, which is an attempt to protect against elder financial abuse, has gone into effect. The new law now requires financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions, to offer elderly or impaired customers a chance to sign an information release consent form. This information release form will allow the financial institution to provide account records to law enforcement and social service authorities when financial abuse is suspected. It is thought that banks and other financial facilities are aware of their customers spending habits and circumstances. Because of this, it allows these facilities to be able to detect sudden or unsuspected financial changes. The form is voluntary and once it is signed it will remain active until canceled by the customer.

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Financial abuse is often seen when a person is elderly or otherwise unable to take care of themselves due to cognitive impairments. This law aims to minimize the manipulation and misuse of elderly finances through the financial institution itself because caregivers and family members are most commonly responsible for the financial exploitation of elders.

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