Caregiver and Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

As your elder loved ones age, it is a sad fact of life that they may eventually be unable to live independently, and require some form of adult care.  Depending on the level of health of the individual and the needs and resources of your family, this could mean being taken in by a family member, having in-home care at their home or the home of a family member who has taken them in or a live-in facility such as an assisted living center or a nursing home.  These are always difficult decisions to make, and it can feel like every decision opens up a host of other choices and options.
Whatever decision you make, you will be placing a tremendous amount of faith and trust in someone to take care of your loved ones in the most personal way.  The people who cared for you in your childhood deserve the same level of dignity, respect and love in their twilight years.  Unfortunately, a situation may arise in which you feel that your elder loved ones are being abused or neglected by their caretakers.  Whether the caretaker is a family member who has taken that person in, an in-home care professional, or a staff-member at an assisted living or nursing home facility, your family has rights that must be respected.  At this time when your elders are unable to look after their own legal rights, it may be up to you to look out for them.  A Colorado Elder Law Attorney can help you in many different ways.
When you make the decision to provide help in any form to your elder family members, educate yourself on signs of neglect and abuse.  Learn not only what to look for but look into as many resources on elder care and abuse as you can.  Know what to do and who to contact if do if you have suspicions.  We all hope that our family will be looked after in a dignified and caring way, but just as you educate yourself on what to do in case of other emergencies, you should have an idea of what to do if you suspect abuse of your elders.  Nursing home or caregiver neglect can take a number of forms, including:
  • Medical Neglect
  • Physical Neglect
  • Sanitary Neglect
If you believe that your elder loved one is being abused or neglected by his or her caretaker, speak with an experienced Colorado Elder Abuse Attorney to discuss your options.  At the Meyer Law Firm, we can help you with the resources you need to report your suspicions, in addition to providing legal advice and support.  Rhett has helped numerous families who have been touched by elder abuse, and knows how to work with the system while also maintaining the compassion that your family needs to restore dignity and respect.  For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION contact Rhett Meyer at (303)444-1618.

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