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According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be involved in a free forum on protecting the nation’s elderly from financial abuse. The forum, which will take place in Cleveland, is intended to help professionals who work with the elderly design ways to help protect them. In recent years, more people have spent their time and energy taking advantage of the elderly, and using more and more technology to financially exploit them. The hope is that people from social workers to bankers can keep an eye on their elderly clients, and hopefully help put a stop to some of the abuses.

Do you believe that your elder loved one may be the victim of financial exploitation? Contact an experienced Denver elder financial abuse lawyer to discuss your options.

The National Center on Elder Abuse has reported that a true estimate of the extent of the problem of elder financial exploitation would be difficult to gauge. This is because many cases go unreported, for various reasons. People may feel embarrassed about being victimized in this way. In some cases, they may not actually become aware of the problem until they feel that it is too late.

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